As a part of the work we do on our property, we also do work on our road boundary – Lamington National Park Rd.

This serves a few purposes, including:

  • Protecting our property from excessive runoff and road runoff.
  • Restoring the bushland that intersects with the Road reserve.
  • Weed control in the road reserve.
  • Improving the general aesthetic of the road for travelers.


Acacia disparrima

Above:  Flowers of Acacia disparrima

The main image at the top of the page, is a set of Acacias that we planted about 5 years ago on the roadside.  They are now 3-4 metres tall after being planted as tubestock.

These trees have changed the outlook along the road, and have secured the banks that are above our property.

Above and below the nursery you will see gardens and plantings that reinforce the road reserve, stop erosion and improve the outlook of the road itslef.

Below: Lomandras strengthening the road edge

Lomandras on road

We have lots more work to do on the road and the road reserve, and we fight a constant battle against need and recurring weeds areas.

It is a job we see as part of our responsibility to improve the area and the bush around and on the edges of our property. 

One day it would be nice to see the Council or the Department of Main Roads hep us in these endeavours. 


One day……..