We now have a roof over the “office” at the Nursery.  Doesn’t sound like a big event…  but in the world of off-grid living and sustainability, a roof is vital.

It gives us the ability to catch water….  if it ever bloody rains.

We have 15,000 litres of water tanks waiting to be filled and they have been plumbed in for many months now.

Having finished the framing, we could now start on the roof proper.

Roof frame at the Nursery

Good neighbours from up the road have supplied us with some of the materials to construct the roof. Hardwood cladding and corrugated iron sheets.  

One of our fundamental drivers at the Nursery(and at home) is recycling and reuse of materials.  This stuff would most likely have been dumped in the end, but we will give it another life.

New roof going on at the Nursery
New roof going on at the Nursery

The plumbing for the gutters is already in place and ready for the gutter that will be added at the back of the roof.

This will feed the 3 x 5000 litre water tabks we have below on the tank level.

Roof plumbing is done

The corrugated sheets went on without too much hassle, and the cladding formed the Fascia and the ‘drip edge’ to complete the roof.

..and then it was done.  Just a few holes to fill with some silicon and we will be ready to catch some water.


For the first time in a long time we actually have rain on the forecast, so getting the roof done was timely!

With the roof and tanks in place we will soon have water. The next project is our Solar setup that will power the pump and the Nursery office.

But that is another story…

A new roof