Scenic Rim Pottery in the News

Shionagh runs Scenic Rim Pottery as another business, and uses the Nursery shop as an outlet for all her pottery work.

Webbing Caterpillars and Tree Damage

Our Lacebark(Brachychiton discolor) outside the Nursery is getting hammered by caterpillars right now. Come and find out why.

Plant of the Month – April 2022

Plant of the month – April 2022

Hoya australis – Wax Flower

Planting Road Vegetation – Community Work

As a part of the work we do on our property, we also do work on our road boundary – Lamington National Park Rd.

See what we have achieved.

Scenic Rim Pottery at Lamington Native Nursery

Along with the many plants and native trees that we grow and sell at Lamington native Nursery, we also have an extensive gift shop.

Plant of the Month – December 2019

Plant of the Month – December 2019

Cinnamon Myrtle – Backhousia myrtifolia

Lamington Native Nursery is located 16 km from the township of Canungra, in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Just follow Lamington National Park Rd, and about halfway up the mountain you will find our native nursery.

We are Open every Saturday and Sunday10am – 4pm. (Other times by appointment only.)

Drop in and have a look on your way past.