Our History

We came to Cainbable in 2015 when we purchased our property “Arborlon”.

The property had previously been called “Bundaleer” – which had the meaning – Place among the Trees.

Unfortunately the property was in a terrible state of disrepair when we arrived, after being neglected for 6 years by the previous owner.

So we renamed the Property to “Arborlon” – and old fantasy story reference – to give the property a new start.


We immediately set about clearing, restoring and re-planting large areas of the remnant forest across the property.  Areas had been severely degraded by pests and weeds brought in by traffic on Lamington National Park Road.

You can read about our exploits in regeneration and off-grid living on our blog – Living Off The Edge

The main  area is just North of the Nursery, where we have cleared a significant area of Lantana and other weeds.  We have since planted in excess of 1000 plants and trees in this area.


As we gained knowledge and experience it seemed logical that we would use that knowledge to extend the planting programme we had started and to use it to get more Australian Natives out to people and into gardens.


The idea of the Nursery was born.

In 2017 we got smashed by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie.  Debbie delivered over 600 mm in of rain in a month and 400 mm in one 24 hour period. This caused in excess of 70 landslides across Lamington national Park Rd and lead to 2 years of Road Works that only finished at the end of 2018.

Fortunately this gave us an opportunity  as the road works had huge amounts of excess fill and they were giving it away for free.

So we cleared a little space on a piece of our land near the road and let the road workers deliver the fill we needed to make the Nursery happen.  The earthworks were completed in August 2018.


 We continued construction of the elements of the Nursery over the next six months.  Installing Water Tanks to feed the Nursery and the House, installing footings for our Container office and finally a timber shade house for the plants.


We opened in Easter 2019 and are excited about the future…