Cinnamon Myrtle – Backhousia myrtifolia

Backhousia myrtifolia is a small tree that grows to approx. 3-6m in a garden.

One of the Australian native “Myrtles” that include Lemon Myrtle – Backhousia citridora and Anise(ed) Myrtle – Syzygium anisatum

Commonly used by the indigenous people of Australia as bush food and bush medicine.

The leaves of Backhousia myrtifolia have a cinnamon/bubble gum smell and flavour and can be used in cooking to enhance flavour and fragrance.

Backhousia myrtifolia is known to be a tough and drought hardy plant once established and it flowers profusely and maintains the calyx of the flower, so that it appears to flower for long periods.

This rainforest tree will grow in part-shade, or full sun, but needs good drainage.

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