Today we planted some new trees at the Nursery.  These were planned trees that we had been ‘growing up’ for some time now.

The trees were a Lemon Myrtle – Backhousia citiodora and a Cinnamon or Grey Myrtle – Backhousia myrtifolia. 

Both trees have been growing on our North-facing deck for the last 12 months plus. The trees were in large pots and in direct sun through winter and shaded sun in Summer.

This completes the triple planting of the three myrtles in the Nursery Garden.  The Aniseed Myrtle  – Backhousia anisata – went in some weeks ago, and today’s two are side by side with the Aniseed.

All three trees should reach a height of 3-5 metres and will spread over the garden.  This will allow people walking by the enjoy the phenomenal smell of all three trees.


We have gardens on all sides of the Nursery now, and soon many of the trees planted will near maturity and start to flower.  Within the next year or so there will be some big changes along the road and around the Nursery.

This all depends on us getting enough rain in the next few months…   which is a bit of a lucky dip at the moment.

Cinnamon(Grey) Myrtle and Lemon Myrtle
Lemon Myrtle
Grey Myrtle