Well.. it seems we spoke to soon about the Red Callistemons!

Seems our local residents are really suffering during the drought and they will eat just about anything…. including Callistemon – Mary MacKIllop’s.

As we are now drought declared and in our 5th month with almost no rain, we are seeing the local wildlife eating more and more of our nursery and garden plants. 

They have munched through our all of our veges that weren’t protected by fences, all our Native Raspberries, The Claret Tops and now they have started on young Callistemons.

Not too worry though… these are tough Australian Native Plants, and this is what happens to them when growing wild. Selective pruning by hungry animals.
These Callistemons will bounce back and will most likely flower more profusely now they have been pruned. 🙂
So if your looking for some slightly eaten Australian Native plants… you will find us 16km from Canungra on Lamington National Park Rd on the way to O’Reillys.

Drop in and see what is next on the menu for the local wildlife

Callistemon - Mary MacKIllop - Eaten by hungry locals
Callistemon - Mary MacKIllop - Eaten by hungry locals