Pavetta australiensis is commonly called the Butterfly Bush due to it’s beautiful white flowers and the multiple butterflys and moths that feed on it.

The Pavettas planted in our rainforest regeneration area have just started to flower.  These plants are to the north of the nursery – deep in the gully.


These Pavettas were planted as part of a butterfly garden, that can be found at the entrance tot he rainforest area. 

In the butterfly garden there are multiple Pavettas, a bush lemon and other butterfly-attracting plants. 

We have seen a marked increase in the number of butterflys and moths we see around the property since we arrived.  This is at least in part due to our new plantings.


Come and talk to us about what could be right for your garden and what we can add to bring more butterflys

We have Pavettas in stock right now.



Pavetta australiensis - butterfly Bush - Flowering
Pavetta australiensis - Butterfly Bush - Flowering
Pavetta australiensis - butterfly Bush - Flowering